TPP Townhall Audio Links

May 20th, 2016

Below are the links for the audio recording of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Townhall held on April 27th at the Italian-Canadian Club in Guelph.

Part 1 —

Part 2 –

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Cool the Planet 2015 Rally

November 26th, 2015

Calling for cooling.

We need leadership from our government NOW:

*100% renewable energy must be in our future!
* 80 % of fossil fuels must be left in the ground!

Please join the People’s Climate Mobililzation that’s happening all over the world!
Bring family, friends, neighbours, banners and signs.

Music by James Gordon and the Funky Mammas. Guest speakers include our new MP Lloyd Longfield.

Supported by the Council of Canadians, Wellington Water Watchers, Citizens Climate Lobby, The Unitarian Congregation of Guelph, Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral, Guelph Wellington Health Coalition, Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice and others!

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Gravel Watch 2015 Public Meeting

September 30th, 2015

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Protecting Your Right To Vote Starts Here

August 28th, 2015

Use the link below to check if you are on the registered voters’ list.

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June 5th, 2015

CoC-Guelph member Paul Costello at Hydro One Anti-Privitization Rally

The Council of Canadians helped rally against the privatization of Hydro One today.

Blackburn News reports, “More than 1,000 people converged on Queen’s Park this afternoon, calling on MPP’s to cancel plans to privatize Hydro One. The rally took place as the legislature began its final clause-by-clause review of the provincial budget bill, which includes legislation intended to make the sale legal.”

Protests also happened in a number of communities across the province including London. At that location, the Council of Canadians London chapter participated in a rally in front of the constituency office of London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews. She is also the President of the Treasury Board and the Minister Responsible for Poverty Reduction.

At the protest in Toronto, Fred Hahn, president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario, said, “We are here to tell the Liberal government that Ontario opposes this sell-off. Hydro One belongs to all of us, it is not theirs to sell. …Selling Hydro One makes no economic sense, it makes no moral sense, and Ontarians oppose it. We fought the P.C.s when they tried to privatize hydro, and we won. We’ll use every tool at our disposal to fight this sale, too.”

The Toronto Sun adds, “Hundreds of protesters, many carrying CUPE union signs, rallied at Queen’s Park Thursday afternoon to demand that Hydro One stay entirely in public hands. …The NDP Leader [Andrea Horwath also] announced Thursday she is introducing a private member’s bill that would force the Ontario government to hold a public referendum before putting electricity assets up for sale.”

A recent poll found that 60 per cent of respondents disapprove of selling off the majority of Hydro One to the private sector and that 77 per cent believe that privatization will increase electricity prices.

In our recent campaign blog Hydro One privatization has water and trade implications (May 12, 2015), we noted that the Liberal government’s legislation to sell Hydro One will also allow local electrical distribution companies to expand their businesses into areas such as water and wastewater services. Transnational corporations that sell both water and electricity services that could conceivably be interested in this include Suez S.A. and Veolia Environnement S.A. The blog also noted that the privatization of Hydro One could result in future investor-state dispute settlement challenges against provincial measures that, for example, require environmental assessments for new facilities.

To read the CUPE Ontario media release about today’s protest, Ontarians turn out in force to tell MPPs to Keep Hydro Public, please click here.

Photo: Guelph chapter activist Paul Costello at today’s protest. Photo by Mark Calzavara.

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Declaration of Voters’ Rights

May 28th, 2015

Guarantee the meaning of your vote by clicking the link below and signing the Declaration of Voters’ Rights.

“We the undersigned Canadian citizens demand the following basic democratic rights:

  • to cast an equal and effective vote and to be represented fairly in Parliament, regardless of political belief or place of residence.
  • to be governed by a fairly elected Parliament where the share of seats held by each political party closely reflects the popular vote.
  • to live under legitimate laws approved by a majority of elected Parliamentarians representing a majority of voters.

The current winner-take-all voting system is absolutely inconsistent with these fundamental democratic rights. As a result, Canada is faced with a spiralling democratic deficit. The need for reform is urgent. We need a Parliament that represents the political and social diversity of Canada.

We demand that the House of Commons immediately undertake a public consultation to amend the Canada Elections Act to incorporate these vital democratic rights. The House, after this consultation, should quickly implement a suitable form of proportional representation.”

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“The Carbon Bubble: What will you do when it bursts?”

May 22nd, 2015

Jeff Rubin with his new book “The Carbon Bubble: What will you do when it bursts?” Thursday, May 27 @ 7pm at Lakeside Hope House – Tickets $5 at the Bookshelf.

Jeff Rubin

Jeff was Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets for twenty years and is now a dynamic speaker on Canada’s future choices that must veer away from fossil fuel dependence. Jeff will also discuss positive investment opportunities for Canadians as we shift our focus.

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“Robocall Scandal and Voter Suppression” screening

May 22nd, 2015

Guelph “Robocall Scandal and Voter Suppression”!

Fair Vote Guelph and the Guelph Chapter of the Council of Canadians are revisiting the Robocall Scandal and the 2011 Voter Suppression this month with a visit from documentary filmmaker Peter Smoczynski.

From Wednesday May 20th to Saturday May 23rd Peter Smoczynski is screening portions of his film and doing additional recording for his documentary: Election Day in Canada: The Rise of Voter Suppression.Ottawa-based filmmaker. His visit to Guelph marks the launch of a cross-country expedition for the final leg of shooting and fundraising for this independent film.

During his week in Guelph, Mr. Smoczynski is shooting additional interviews as this Federal Riding was the epicentre of the 2011 Robocall Scandal. If you were a recipient of one of a fraudulent Elections Canada calls, or know someone who was, please get in touch with Fair Vote Guelph at

Saturday’s presentation will include compelling interview footage completed to date, as well as highlights from research underpinning the film. Interview subjects include MP Irwin Cotler, former Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley, investigative journalists Stephen Maher and Glen MacGregor and figures from the Council of Canadians legal challenge, lawyer Steven Shrybman and pollster Frank Graves.

The audience will have an opportunity for a Q & A interaction with the filmmaker.

The event in Guelph will take place on Saturday, May 23rd from 2pm-4 pm for the formal launch of Peter Smoczynski’s cross-country tour at The Bookshelf , 41 Quebec Street in Guelph.

Admission for this event is $20 and includes a reception in the E-Bar with hors d’oeuvres and cash bar at 4 pm.

Money raised will support the completion of this documentary. Tickets for the Bookshelf event, are on sale at the Bookshelf and on-line through Eventbrite.

For more information:

Ken MacKay,
Fair Vote Guelph

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Water Day in Guelph

May 8th, 2015

There was a gratifying turnout for World Water Day events in Guelph. People learned about our watershed and threats to it, and posed to demonstrate their concerns for water security worldwide.

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Guelph Chapter AGM

April 6th, 2015

Guelph Chapter AGM for Council of Canadians

at St. James the Apostle Church on corner of Paisley and Glasgow N.

6:30 pm for soup supper
7:00 pm for board election
7:20 pm for meeting start:
An evening of updates on our various campaigns and their importance in this election year in particular. Hear the latest on pipelines, water (un)protection and democracy problems and solutions. There will be time for some discussion.

If any member in good standing would like to sit on the board, please contact ahead of time for any information needed.

We are thankful to St James for their support. This site is accessible and has free lot and nearby street parking.

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